maio 07, 2009

Time to smell the roses

I work virtually full time, but in the interest of finding some balance in my life, a little while ago I took a small pay cut so I can have one Friday off in every four. I also sometimes take an additional Friday off in that same four weeks, by accruing an extra 8 hours work time. I'm incredibly lucky to work in a workplace that allows me to do this. I call my Fridays off my 'sanity days'.

Problem is, I struggle to make up that extra time - it doesn't seem like much to accrue 8 hours in a month, but all I have to do is take some time off for an appointment or two for me or my son, or have a longer lunch to run errands and then I'm back at square one. Additionally, I feel constant guilt about leaving my son in after school care for that extra half hour or so every day while I'm accruing time, especially when I know he's tired.

I know that I'm not the only mother facing this dilemma - the challenge of giving as much time to your children, while running your home, being committed to your job and financially supporting yourself and your family. I'd be interested in knowing how other women manage to balance this all - got any tips?

Tomorrow is my 'sanity day'. No before or after school care for my son. Touching base with his teacher to see how the week has been. Making a great big batch of pasties for the freezer. Even taking a nana nap if I have time! Little things I know, but pure bliss! I love my days off.

I wish you a happy day.

Images 1 Better Homes and Gardens 2 & 3 Sandra Lane Sarah Kaye represents 4 Country Home

Australian Home Beautiful

Jonny Valiant

Jonny Valiant

Australian Home Beautiful

John Paul Urizar
Andreas von Einsiedel

Andreas von Einsiedel

skörd från våran krydd-trädgård

blandade färger

mina underbara grytlappar som jag fyndat på loppis

trätråg inropat på auktion

Pom Pom Interiors
Polly Wreford

Dressing table perfection

Graham and Green
Gorgeous, glamourous daybed

Stassi Design

Pretty, snowy white femininity, with touches of pink and gold

Stassi Design

A closeup of the mirror, with its lovely old patina
Stassi Design

And what feminine room is complete without some roses?

Polly Wreford


A Grocery Store Moment...

After going to the bank, I dropped by the grocery store. There I was at the self-checkout lane, taken aback a bit when I noticed the issue of Southern Accents I was buying was costing more than expected. All of a sudden I felt a chaotic but happy presence approaching. You know the feeling - when you sense someone is coming up behind you.
From the corner of my eye I saw arms outstretched and flailing as groceries were spilling out onto the self-checkout lane next to mine. A package of frozen-something landed in my lane. The person, with the happy-chaotic energy, started to say something charming...
"How cute" I thought to myself...
I looked over towards him. It was my husband! "Danny it's me" I said. A huge smile flashed across his face. We started to laugh and reached out and held hands. Love at first sight, all over again, at the Harris Teeter checkout lane.

These images via Canadian House and Home, Designer Holly Dyment, photography by Michael Graydon. The colors in these rooms look like how I feel.