maio 14, 2009

A Transformed Office & Guest Room - Before and After

This is the end result of an utterly transformed office space and
guest room. Feast your eyes on this room and take in all of the
rich details.

The shelves with the natural branches are rustic
and give the room some real organic flavor.

Why waste the space on the back a door?

Here's a before picture of the closet.

The after is totally fab. I really studied the way
they organized all of the office supplies in this
closet - just brilliant! There's even enough room
to store the luggage rack.

Here's a great little DIY project you can
do with any framed cork board.

Once you tape the edges, you can stain or paint
the base color you want onto the frame.

Follow up with gold leafing. You can usually get
gold leafing kits at your local craft store (you don't
necessarily need real gold leaf - a substitute will do).
The kit should come with a glue like paste you can
brush onto your surface which you let dry for 20-30
minutes until it becomes sticky or tacky. You then
carefully lay each piece of foil or leaf onto the tacky
surface one by one and smooth it out. Once it has
dried, you can seal it for a smooth surface.

And Voila, here's the finished product!

Here's a great before picture of the office.

And after of the desk area. A world of a difference!

Organization is key. A place for everything.

A clever use of a cabinet to store extra
linens, pillows and amenities for guests.

I just love the color of this chair, the gorgeous pattern
on the rug, and the really fun pom-pom balls on the

Hope this post has given you some
inspiration to redo your office or guest room.

All photos from Country Living