maio 07, 2009

You can get pretty creative when decorating walls
with art and collages. This post focuses on desk
spaces and wall collages. I really love that the painted
frame on the wall looks like molding. Putting a frames
within a frame is not a new idea but this is a pretty
fun example.

A desk or craft area is a great place to fill the walls with
inspirations and finished pieces that can be shown off on
the walls.

Here's a more traditional take in an office with an
antique desk. The black and white photos and frames
give the room a more modern twist.

You can tell the owner of this room is probably eclectic and
a world traveler with pieces and colors from around the world.

Stringing up cards can be a great way to decorate your desk.

In lieu of an inspiration board, why not just make a collage on
the wall where your desk is? You can just keep adding on!

Here's a collage of small frames and
photos around the fireplace.

Ever wanted to cover your entire wall
with a collage? This is what it would look
Pops of color in all the right places

Isn't the back splash design fun?

What a fun pattern for a sofa.

A Japanese tea set with different colored tea.

The cow fur on the cushion picks up on the cow skin accent rug under the pool table. The art on either side of the window creates an optical illusion - changing depending on what angle you view it from.

Love the red & white leopard print fabric on this chair. Unexpected and fun. The embossed leather foot stool picks up on the faux embossed leather on the recently reupholstered couch. More great details below - feather and moss balls in a silver dish.

Her husband's uncle's spurs on display above.

Gorgeous fabric.

I really like the angle the photographer chose for this shot.

Behold, the World's most unusual Flea Market - the shopping place of the Stars. Featuring over 2,500 vendors and 15,000 to 20,000 buyers every Month. The Rose Bowl Flea Market is one of the most famous markets in the World. Celebrating over 40 years of continued success at the world famous Rose Bowl in Pasadena California. I dedicate the scary doll heads to Beach Bungalow 8 - a truly famous Caliblogger and one who gets freaked out by doll faces! (click on the B&W doll image to enjoy the full eeky benefit...especially the doll head on the far left! Yikes.)

This house truly shows that there are no rules to how
many colors you can paint a house in. It's not for everyone
but it's interesting indeed. The trim, doors, floors and etc
are all different colors!

This wonderfully quirky house is so bright and
colorful that you can't help but be cheery in it.

Somehow, the owner was clever enough with all
of the color that none of it actually clashes. For
example, red and green in the above room are
complementary colors.

I adore this pink bedroom. The
pillows really make it pop!

One room can be painted two different colors.
The black ribbons around the edges of the room
really complement the silhouettes.

Here's the complementary red and green again
in lime. The painted headboard is so clever.

Who'd have thought that lime green and turquoise
would work? The red is what actually pulls it

Mysterious and royal purple. Isn't
this such an awesome stencil job?

Magenta and Orange - a lovely combination.

And of course Orange and Pink.

Orange is such an energizing color. It's really
tough to be down in an orange room like this.

This bright pink carries such energy with it.

Green is associated with Mother nature and is always
soothing to the eye. When I was young, my mom told
me that looking at greenery was good for my eyes. I
never quite understood why that would be but it sure
feels soothing.

This grass green is soothing but
considerably more energetic in it's bold color.

With the right hue, green is very refreshing.

Orange and Blue are complementary colors so they
actually work very well together although we don't
so commonly use it. It's a common color in countries
such as India where they use very saturated colors
and dyes.

Red - is of course the color of passion, temper, danger
and excitement. It's great in kitchens to get one's
appetite going.

Not everyone can live in a red room, but I think I might be
ok in this one. The black really helps anchor the room. I
can just imagine it at night with candle light to reflect off of
the red walls.

I don't think I could live in an orange room. It sounds
funny since I seem to be able to tolerate red rooms but
there's something about this color that unsettles me when
there is too much of it. I love it as an accent color though.

The Language of Color

I truly believe that color affects many areas
of our lives. I find it fascinating how it can
change our moods and make us feel differently.
I found some books that are really neat on color
and color therapy. The Language of Color has a
simple 14 question test in it that evaluates our
individual color peferences SICA (Self-Image
Color Analysis). Each of us have colors that we
are drawn to and everyone is different in how they
feel about different colors. This book explores that.

Color Therapy at Home

This book focuses on color in the home.
Rockport Publishers publishes this book
and they are one of my favorite publishers.

Color Healing Home:
Improve your Well Being and Your
Home Using Color Therapy

The first time I looked at this picture I thought I saw curved wooden panels behind the bed - but then realized instead there is a wall sized photograph of stone columns with trees in the distance. What a creative way to add depth and interest to a small room. Serious wow factor!

The bedside tables don't take up alot of visual space. Note the pull-out extensions to increase surface size.
Love, love, love the accent pillow and the buttons on the bedspread.

Color My World - Color Inspiration for Your Home

I absolutely adore color. The living space above is so vivid
and alive with color. I love the way the designer chose a yellow
colored flooring to contrast with the walls. The tufted sofa is to
die for!

Jamie Drake's New York City Loft

I've been seeing this photo here and there lately and didn't
realize that it was from Jamie Drake's own NYC loft on
Fifth Avenue. His use of magenta is fascinating and really
draws your eyes. It doesn't hurt that I love this color.
It was really fun to explore the rest of the house instead of
just seeing the above photo.

More use of the magenta in his living room. It's a very
vibrant and unexpected color. His style is definitely
eclectic which I love as I can never seem to stick to one
style since I love so many!

Got to love the curvaceous hot pink number!

He did his own room in shocking yellow. I'm not sure I
could live in a room quite this bright. To each their own.

vårkänslor hos kraselnikoff
Laura Ashley garden nytt - romantiskt blommigt

foto: lånat från
Här kommer sockersöt inspiration till landstället. Allt för att liva upp denna galet ruggiga måndag. På torsdag bär det iaf väg till Formland. Ska bli så himla spännande. Ska ta med kameran och smälla av massa bilder från vår finfina Tine K monter (och lite annat såklart). Nu ska jag tända en brasa så blir det varm soppa till middag. Hälsar ruggugglan. xx