maio 07, 2009


bilder lånat från
Januari är den månaden som man börjar att längta efter ljuset på riktigt.. längta efter ljudet av fågelkvitter, grönt frodigt gräs och prunkande rabatter. Och inte minst alla dess dofter som våren bjuder på. Jag längtar efter att nya Zetas Trädgård öppna

Basket lights - fun! Woven wood panels on the wall
Industrial lighting above. Below - thick glass jars turned into pendant lanterns.

I fought Blogger on this next picture and gave up - for the life of me I don't know why it wants to be sideways. These fixtures remind me of old fashioned cake molds - wouldn't they be great in a laundry room, office or play room?

Pretty grays and creams.

This pattern provides interesting inspiration - although I don't like it exactly as is. (Designer Sara Story)

Oh and how could I forget - Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow - 6 more weeks of winter!Perfect choice for a light fixture in the dining area in the background of the photo. Really like the metal leg feature on this couch.

I always appreciate it when a designer highlights close-ups of the details of their work. You gain a sense of the quality of the pieces they select and the attention to detail. The pale grey of the shade is lovely.
Seriously like these sconces - especially paired with the brown shades.
For more examples - do check out the site of this talented designer.

(all images from Tracy Morris Design and posted with permission)